Our Mission

We want to support today’s artists who make beautiful things but may not be able to reach enough people to enjoy and purchase their work. We want artists to make a living and benefit from their gifts.

Who is behind this crazy idea?

Staci, the creator & owner of My Art Fair, has her Marketing degree and is dedicated to arts management, especially to providing a channel for gifted artists and helping them sale their original artwork and make an income from their work. Over the past 18 years, she has participated in countless juried exhibitions in the West, including the Seattle Gift Show. The work, expense, and time required to attend and sell at shows is exhausting and stressful, to say the least:

Travel to the show, set up your merchandise, find lodging and meals, and the simple time-consuming task of creating enough work to sell. Will we run out? What if we end up in the booth next to the guy selling sheets for $20? Or the lady with junk imported from China that she’s marked up 600%? What if there’s a storm? Blizzard? How many will attend? Will they just look and keep walking by? Am I going to get a break to eat something? I wish that mother would make her kid stop touching everything in my display with his dirty, sticky hands! I’ll have to sell 120 items before I’ve even paid for the booth, let alone my travel and lodging! And that’s just the first half of the first day for me sometimes!

I want to provide an Art Fair venue that has an idyllic park setting, perfect weather, fun vendors. Vendors who make amazing one-of-a-kind beautiful things.  Most of all I will strive to attract your target market to our site.

Our goal is to help you to have the freedom to concentrate on your creativity, make a good income, and possibly find a huge audience!

We hope to reintroduce disappearing techniques & honor the artists who will bring these skills back to share with the next generation.

Be part of creating a gorgeous gathering place where we’ll celebrate, applaud, and sell beautiful, original works you made with care and purpose.