Druzy Necklace Quartz Agate Stone Pendant Necklace with Gold Chain


This is a super trendy yet simple necklace, great worn by itself or for layering. The pendant is a beautiful multi-colored druzy stone.

The chain is 18 inches and gold-plated.

Materials: Druzy Pendant, 18 Inch Gold Plated Chain


I have been collecting beads and making jewelry for over 15 years. I am inspired by yoga, spirituality, nature & natural healing. My jewelry is graceful and stylish, perfect for any bohemian goddess or gypsy girl. I like simplicity and versatility. My mission is not a superficial one; I aspire to create jewelry that makes women feel beautiful, confident, and connected to nature. Accessorizing is one way we express ourselves, embellish our personalities, and play with our identity in this physical existence. The pieces of jewelry I create are reflections of my inner self and love of nature. I often incorporate beads from around the world and from my personal travels. Nothing makes me happier than seeing women wearing my jewelry! So feel free to ask questions or request custom work!