A Beautiful Marriage


‘A Beautiful Marriage’ is a softly layered, machine embellished, textile collage delicately blending new and old together in a beautiful marriage of cloth and thread…

Each element of my design was chosen for its gentle fragility to showcase the importance of ‘capturing a moment in time’.

I have worked on a hand stamped piece of 1950’s Irish Damask table linen, combining this with snippets of vintage hand embroidered cloth, small Parisian silk roses and added a beautiful whisper of wedding lace taken from a 1970’s wedding veil to create a delicate softness to the overall design.

Details of frame-

White wood

Measurements – 20cm x 25cm (approx) 10” x 8”

The design can be hung or left standing.

*Please note there is NO glass in the frame*

The story behind…

The inspiration for this design evolved from one small piece of treasured hand embroidered cloth and the interaction that the sewer would’ve had with the cloth whilst embroidering.

Working with such a fragile piece of cloth highlights the perfect marriage of old and new and how each element compliments each other.

Whenever I use a vintage textile I always wonder about the tale behind each pre-loved piece especially if it is embellished with vintage stitching of some kind.

Who sat and stitched the flowers?

Where did they live?

What was happening in the world at the time?

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