Today’s artists, their customers, and show promoters are frustrated with the current marketplace of juried Craft Shows, Art Shows, Gift Shows and Bazaars. (We learned this after attending countless art & craft events all over the country, asking questions, seeking solutions, and making amazing friends along the way). Galleries and art co-ops also face frustration with high overhead and erratic customer flow.


We want artists to profit by paying a fraction of the price required to reach potential customers across the country at live shows. For gallery owners and fair organizers, the My Art Fair concept will also improve attendance at featured locations, and tells the public where and when their favorite artists will be attending live shows as well.

This new artist-friendly and educational endeavor is for all artists, aspiring artists of all ages, friends of the Arts, and every friend of an artist who maybe underestimates his or her gifts and needs a boost.

We are creating a gorgeous gathering place where we’ll celebrate, applaud, and sell beautiful, original works you’ve made with care and purpose.


Offer artists a juried fair where they can rent a tent in a beautiful setting online and reduce the usual financial risks that are affected by weather, attendance, and audience fluctuations. My Art Fair will allow artists the luxury of presenting a limited inventory for a short period of time, which will push immediate sales. This will not, of course, replace live shows, because face to face interaction with your customers and seeing their reaction to your creations is vital for personal satisfaction, validating your progress, and future development of your work!

Our Goal

We will promote artists by providing administrative, marketing and technological support – allowing them the time and space to create while they make income from a worldwide audience.

Our Customers

As for art fair enthusiasts and art collectors, they will have the opportunity to see original works they may not be able to find in local shows, stay in touch with their favorite artists, and introduce their favorites to others by rating and referring friends to the site.

Customers will be confident the handmade goods are original, special and hard to find.