Maybe you’re already a fan of an artist who needs to be discovered!!

Artists can have a hard time “bragging” about themselves and often discount their work’s appeal and need encouragement from outside their friends and family to convince them to “put it out there”.

That’s why we have this form for you to fill out if you want to nominate an artist to receive a Request For Submission.

Artists rent a tent at My Art Fair. They make a limited number of pieces to sell (for example, watercolor, oil, mixed media, books, jewelry, paper arts, metal work, or sewn pieces) and display a photo of each piece at their Booth in our idyllic park setting. This is a juried show. The artist will submit photos of the pieces they intend to sell with prices. Email the Jury here. Please add photos of what you plan to sell at My Art Fair. Your information and photos will be secure, and once posted on our site they will be ”locked” so viewers can’t copy or share them. Copycats are not artists and we don’t play well with them! Our jury will review and discuss the work, ensuring it fits in our market. We will respond within days, intending to give an answer within 24 hours.

(As you know, My Art Fair is a juried show. We do not imply or promise that your nominated artist will be asked to exhibit at our fair. Sometimes it will be timing, depending on how many artists we have in each genre. In other situations we may not deem their work to be right for our target market, different enough from other artists we already have, or inappropriate in other ways.)

We trust you to know the best way to approach an artist you know. We will only contact this person through you, and with your approval, unless you think the artist will be comfortable with us contacting him/her directly. You call the shots, because we don’t want to make anyone feel targeted or randomly “sold” a tent at our fair. We don’t do mass emailing to artists. We value their gifts and want to have as many direct relationships with our vendors as possible. That’s the fun part!!



  • What you know about this artist and their work. Why do you want to nominate this artist?