My Art Fair is a juried, online art fair. Only artists selling high quality, original, one of a kind, handmade art will be on the site. Once an artist’s work is juried and approved to be in our shows, you are invited to fill a tent on our website!

The time is NOW!

Benefit from introductory tent prices, year-round exposure, and a unique approach that will
draw interest and spur consumers to “buy now,” not later.

  • Choose to pay your yearly Membership upfront or in monthly installments.
  • In addition to other Member Level benefits, you are guaranteed at least the number of “shows” per year as per your Membership Level.
  • Your 1st tent will sell out, you then refill it with more inventory and repeat when you’re ready.
  • The Member BIO Page will allow your customers to find you wherever you are.
  • My Art Fair will manage your tent, promote the site and your tent, provide the shopping experience, keep track of your tent inventory, notify you when your items sell, and once you’ve shipped to your customer: money!


Level 1

$ 40

Per Month
  • or $300/year
  • At least 6 shows per year
  • Up to 20 pieces for each show
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Level 2

$ 50

Per Month
  • or $400/year
  • At least 8 shows per year
  • Up to 30 pieces for each show
  • Blog posting opportunities
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Level 3Most Popular

$ 110

Per Month
  • or $1000/year
  • At least 12 shows per year
  • Up to 40 pieces for each show
  • Blog posting opportunities
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  • Art Galleries & Co-Ops can join! Arts & Craft show promoters are also welcome to advertise on our Master Calendar!
  • Galleries will also be able to advertise their events, and show promoters will be able to list their show schedules in the same place.