I seek to express good, eternal things of God that I see in nature, family, in the Holy Bible, and in classics like John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. My kids and I improvised music for many years. This music is the basis for my impressionistic style of painting now. I am a descendant of homesteaders, and feel connected to the history of the West, from St. Joseph, Missouri where I was born, to Anaconda Montana, where I was raised. I painted and taped for many years, and have a degree in art and music education. Both types of experience help with my art. I learned to appreciate wood while building a log cabin in northern Montana. Some of my frames are built out of Montana logs. I paint oil on canvas, masonite, or plywood. I paint watercolors on masonite, or paper on masonite. Sometimes I start with watercolor, and after sealing the surface, I finish in oil. I do real compositions from scratch with little help from photos, on-site painting and work based on photos, and imaginary art about Biblical scenes or concepts — all in a wide variety of styles.

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