If you were to visit me in my studio in the lovely gold rush town of Nevada City, California, you would find me immersed in sorting rocks, cutting stones, designing settings, and meticulously creating gold and silver jewelry. This has been my passion for 40 years. The thrill of rockhounding with my family as a child has developed into a long and rewarding career, mastering the art of jewelry creation from start to finish. Moonshadows Jewelry is becoming a family business, as my daughter has become my apprentice.

To this day, my favorite road trip is to go rockhounding, hunting for new and unusual specimens. It is still a thrill to discover hunks of rock and imagine how they will eventually end up in a gorgeous pendant or ring! Back at my studio, the rocks reveal their hidden patterns and colors as I shape my stones with my lapidary saw. Customers who collect my pieces are always eager to see what new stones I have discovered. Once I have selected and polished my newly cut stones, I design and create a setting that compliments the unique qualities of the stone. I take pride in the fact that no two pieces of my jewelry are exactly alike. I would be honored if you select a piece of my unique jewelry today!

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