I was born and raised in Montana and have long thanked God that I live in such a beautiful place.  At one time my husband and I ventured into the business of photography and film development.  This ignited my ‘photo bug’ and I started taking photos across my beautiful state, just “out & about” or wherever else I might be traveling.  Eventually, I entered photographs into the annual Montana Fair competition and was encouraged by a number of red ribbons, as well as a few sales. I began in earnest to do more of what I thoroughly love to do.  Whether I am visiting the rocky peaks of Glacier Park or Yellowstone Park, the easternmost grain fields and badlands, showy gardens, stops along riversides, forest trail meanderings, or in my own back yard, each place provided bountiful opportunities.  

As I review my images, I want the viewer to see and appreciate the beauty of our world.  Although I crop or edit my photos for better presentation, I do very little other manipulation.  I feel I should not add anything nor delete any details from my scenes (save errant power lines and other man-made distractions).  What I see with my eyes is just what you will see: the flora and fauna, serene waters, majestic mountains, open plains, snowy byways, and even some of man’s architecture, but always the infinite beauty of God’s creation.