My Art Fair is different from other art/crafts retail sites: you will exhibit and sell works that you’ve already completed, or can complete in time to ship within two days . You will sell a limited inventory at a time, which will drive your customers to purchase immediately or miss out on the opportunity to get your work. We have experimented with this and some work has sold out in less than an hour; others will take much longer of course. You can, of course, pay to have more than two shows annually! To keep demand up for your work, you will want to take time off between offerings so customers learn that they can’t just look and expect to come back “later” (or never) to buy your work. That is the best difference from other sites: you don’t have to stay on top of a Store, monitor it year-round, and commit to certain works you need to reproduce ad nauseum. Use your Tent to test new ideas, launch new products, or sell off inventory from previous craft shows and holiday bazaars.

My Art Fair Policies

Please take a few moments to review our policies before you submit or purchase artwork.

The Art

This site only showcases hand-made, one-of-a-kind artwork or crafts for sale. All art pieces must exist at the time they are posted on this site. We will review each work of art for authenticity and originality and we reserve the right to reject any piece of art for any reason.


Each featured artist is responsible for shipping and handling relating to the purchased art. Artists must agree to ship the purchased art in a manner so that the purchaser will receive the art within 5 to 7 business days

All Sales Are Final

Because of the nature of original art, all sales are final and non-refundable. However, the artist and the purchaser may come to an independent agreement with regards to returns outside of the rules of this site.

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I am an Artist, so how does this work?

Our focus is your success as an artist! We are providing your venue, with perfect weather, 24/7 monitoring, and worldwide exposure. We are offering this online park setting so your work will be seen all over the world for a minimal investment.

Your first step is to fill out our Artist Survey form: you may have received it by email because we’ve already seen your work and love it, or you’ve found us on Facebook, etc. If you’ve already filled out the basic form, we are already likely gushing over your work and are responding to your submission, asking for further information. Here’s a link to the Submission Form in case we missed your somehow.

When approved by our Jury, you will purchase a booth from us via our Artists-Only Portal w PayPal or credit card. (Every artist will have an Artist Liaison to help you through this process, and make it as simple as possible.)

You will receive a password to access the Artists Only Gate (aka Portal) allowing you Artist VIP treatment. With your Artist Liaison’s help, you will send us the photos of your work that is for sale in your tent at one show. (Number determined by the Membership Level you’ve chosen.) We will “set up” your tent space on the My Art Fair site. We’ll also include a photo of you, a real life booth you’ve had, a studio shot, or any other photo that represents YOU. Accompanied with your Story, you’ll be set to go!

As an annual member of My Art Fair, you are guaranteed at least two shows per year. Your online Tent will be presented on our site. As you sell items, they will be marked SOLD, and when your booth sells out you take a break. This whole concept is based on the proven marketing concept that if your work has limited availability and isn’t passively sitting there, it will create demand, and fans and customers will be anxiously awaiting your return. (You’ve seen how on QVCTM, if there are only 12 stickup hook sets left, you suddenly think, I don’t know if I need this now, but I’d better get one before they’re GONE!”) We want to create urgency so your customers see that they can’t just scroll through an online store and scroll by, assuming they can come back and get a piece of your work next week. Some tents may sell out in a month, some in an hour. We are SO excited to get this process in motion and watch tents sell out, artists rotate in and out again, favorite artists become well-known, and customers finally find handmade, fabulous items to buy!

Once a customer purchases a piece of your work, it will be marked SOLD on your tent site. You will receive an email that this transaction has occurred. With your booth, you are promising to fill your customers’ orders as fast as possible. The customers will be able to rate your response to their experience with you, so we all want this to be a smooth process. The artist sends the art to the customer and maintains that relationship. Once your Artist Liaison at My Art Fair receives confirmation from you that the item has shipped, you will be paid full retail less our 10% commission. Once again, please price your items well, and consider what flat fee you will charge for shipping. In the future we hope to be able to calculate shipping from our Cart for you and we definitely don’t want to take commission from your shipping costs. We want our artists to receive maximum benefits for joining My Art Fair.

Tent Pricing

My Art Fair is a juried, online art fair. Only artists selling high quality, original, one of a kind, handmade art will be on the site. Once an artist’s work is juried and approved to be in our shows, you are invited to fill a tent on our website! When you get a tent, you pay for a membership to My Art Fair.

Choose to pay upfront or in monthly installments. In addition to other Member benefits, you’re guaranteed two “shows” per year. Your 1st tent will sell out, you then refill it with more inventory, and repeat when you’re ready. As this site catches on, some artists will sell out in hours, some in days. If you already know you will have enough inventory ready for more than two shows, you may purchase additional shows for $50 each. Some artists will only want the pace of two shows per year, depending on how long it takes them to make their creations and their work schedules.
**We want you to be free to create, not be chained to a “store” that you have to watch 24/7/365.

You will then become a certified member of My Art Fair and begin the process that will create high demand for your pieces, will sell them quickly, and also will give you time to step away & immerse yourself in your creative process.

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My Art Fair is here to provide marketing avenues and buyers for artists of all types.

We have a small, select group of kind but discerning art-loving advisors who will select works that will fit our customer base and the quality of work we plan to represent.

You must certify that your work is original, that you have the number of items you list completed and ready to ship to customers.

This is going to depend on your integrity and business ethics. Treat your customer well, and you will be welcomed back. Mess up, and you’ll not hear from us again. Promise. Ship immediately, include a thank you note, develop a relationship with them. Who knows who they know and what they can do to promote your work after they receive it???

  • Your art must be handmade, by you. Limited quantities can be listed at one time: 50 bracelets, 20 watercolors, 5 tromp l’oeil night stands, 30 hand embroidered pillowcases, for example. You’ll present a moderate amount of product at a time in order to entice the customers to buy from you before the supply is gone. Urgency is important in online art sales, and you can list another group of items after a brief break. This will also allow you, the artist, to modify your work if necessary to make it sell better, and not find yourself in a pressure-cooker to be constantly creating your art – which takes all of the fun out of it! Make a few items, sell them, make a few of the same or something totally different, sell them. Take breaks, relax and enjoy this because you don’t have to have 500 of something made for this show only to find out that three other booths there have a similar product for a better price, etc.
  • My goal is to give maximum exposure to artists, provide them with more income, and get them in front of a global audience that could eventually turn into a following that puts the artist on the map, and possibly necessitate their own web presence, either through My Art Fair or on their own. Your success is my goal. Too many fantastic works are out there and artists generally don’t have the time or focus to market their work effectively, and for the right price. We’re here to help you WIN.
  • If you lie, cheat, or otherwise try to go around the ethical and best practices in business, you will not be able to receive the massive blessings you could be enjoying if you choose the higher road. It’s between you and God, and not our responsibility.
  • You will receive orders through your PayPal account. Y ou will be paid by the customer , and ship to the customer . Be sure to charge at least 300% of your basic costs in order to come out ahead. You may choose to include the shipping charges in your price, but be sure you add the costs of your box, packing material, labeling, driving to shipping point, and of course the full postage for the shipment. You will be able to speak with your customer and make those arrangements as you see fit. You pay My Art Fair for your tent at the fair . The Tent is just like it is in a real Art Fair. Once your inventory is gone, you get to pack up and go home. This could be hours, days, or weeks . If your items have not sold out in your Tent’ s term, your Tent will be rented to someone else. You are more than welcome to get another Tent! You will need a break and you may decide to tweak your work to please a larger audience, lower the price, try something new, or anything else to make your next showing fresh and exciting.
  • Some artists will need full page tent, which will be your own full page for your bio and photos of your work. We charge $200 for setup and $75 monthly rent for your Artist in ResidenceTent. As a rent-paying Artist in Residence you may offer custom or commissioned work as well as a set inventory of your art. As your work sells, you are free to add more as long as your tent rent is paid every month. You can opt out of this at any time of course.