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Setting Goals & Selling Your Artwork!

By December 29, 2017Selling Art

Hope your Christmas was a good one. Are you ready to ring in the new year with new creative projects? What will you be working on? Do you set goals with your art or do you take the wait and see approach?

We’ve been talking to talented artists and high crafters and the general consensus is they like to set goals yet allow for the creative process to take flight in a natural way. Too much planning can stifle the flow, but a good set of goals will help motivate and keep you moving forward.

That leads us to selling your art. My Art Fair was founded to make it easy for artists to do that without all the hassle and upfront investment of building a website. In short, we help you set goals with your art sales while allowing you time for your artistic endeavors to flourish!

If you want more info email Mimi: hello@myartfair.com

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